The Waddler Room

The Waddler Room (Around 14-24 Months)

“Key persons are extremely caring, attentive and nurturing and demonstrate genuine affection for the babies and children that they care for. Care practices are excellent and make an extremely positive contribution to children’s emotional security, health and well-being.” (Ofsted, 2017)

Waddlers are extremely busy people! Language development, new found pretend play, independence, developing control over their own bodies, learning to be together, emotional highs and lows and repeated patterns of play, are just a few skills that these little learners are working on.

We plan play experiences in the Waddler Room that focus on children’s social relationships to help support their growing sense of themselves and to encourage confidence and self-esteem. Children are supported in understanding that there are rules for being together with others by always encouraging patience and tolerance and modelling positive ways to treat one another.

We introduce activities to meet their natural curiosity, growing energy and development, whether it’s pouring at a water table, stacking tumbling blocks or playing with shapes and puzzles.

We encourage exploration and introduce skills such as:

  • Sensory and tactile skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Communication and language development
  • Personal, social and emotional development

In an environment filled with encouragement, your child will experience the early success he or she needs to grow and develop independence.

We consider it essential that young children get frequent and regular opportunities to explore and learn in the outdoor environment. The Waddler Room have their own outdoor space at the rear of the building. This outdoor area also links with the gardening area, where children can dig, plant and grow fruit and vegetables throughout the year.