Ensuring that your child is safe and secure in nursery is paramount. Anybody entering the building, who is not a recognised person, will have their identity checked.

Only persons named on a child’s registration form are able to collect unless we are notified in writing in advance. Any person collecting a child from the nursery must know that child’s personal password, which is created by the parent/carer when registering their child with us.

Each room has security cameras and screens linked to our intercom system to monitor who is entering the building. No unauthorised person has access to the main building and children’s rooms without a staff member releasing the doors and allowing them access.

All rooms are fitted with CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of all the children and staff; the cameras are only used internally and the nursery management team are the only ones to have access to this. The CCTV footage will be used in the event of any incidents or accidents where necessary and can be shared with the parents.

A manager on duty is present in the building at all times.