The Preppies Room

The Preppies Room (Around 34 – 48 Months)

“The environment is rich, imaginative and stimulating. Staff provide children with an extensive range of challenging activities and the quality of teaching and interaction throughout the nursery is outstanding.” (Ofsted, 2017)

By the time the children reach three years old, they have a much more skilled approach to play and exploration. Their role-play and social interactions are important in helping them to understand the world around them. Our role, as Practitioners, is to support children through their ideas and investigations.

Our Preppies Room is a large area located on the first floor with continuous outdoor provision on their own roof terrace. Our older rooms focus on learning through a variety of child-initiated, adult-initiated and adult-led experiences as well as a balance of more structured learning opportunities.

Children have a more structured routine within this room and use a visual timetable of the day to support them to develop independence throughout the day.

Their cloakroom is situated inside their room ensuring that they have continuous access to their belongings, giving them independence to learn important skills such as putting their coats and wellies on and hanging them back onto their own pegs with support where needed.

They also have free access to their toilets and are supported in learning important personal hygiene routines and independence skills, such as washing their hands after they have used the toilet and before every snack and mealtime.

At mealtimes and snack-times, the children are provided with self-serve opportunities to promote physical development and independence skills.

Each day, the children can choose from a range of learning opportunities set up within the environment, both inside and out. The practitioners support each child through focus-led learning and help build skills that prepare them for when they transition into our Pre-school Department. These include:

  • Mathematics
  • Social and creative skills
  • Physical Development
  • Phonics
  • Write Dance
  • Dough Disco
  • Mark-making and writing opportunities