At The Village Nursery and Pre-school, we understand that, working closely with you as parents will have a positive impact on your child’s development and learning. Your role in your child’s learning and development matters to us greatly and we strive to build positive relationships with you.


Every child will be allocated a Key Person. The role of a Key Person is to help your child to settle in and to build up a relationship with you so you feel you can discuss your child’s progress and development at any time you like.

Parent Zone

We use the award winning ParentZone app encouraging parents as partners. It improves communication and allows partnership with parents. It gives parents a more informed view of their children’s progress at nursery whilst limiting the administrative burden on our team

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Every child has their own learning Journey, which monitors progress against the Early Learning Goals (ELG) via observations and photographs taken throughout the day. Evidence is collected continually and kept up to date by your child’s Key person. We use a new and very efficient software called iConnect and the latest technology to collect and store children’s profile information, enabling all staff and management team, to access this information and be a part of the children’s learning and development.

Our new software provides us with the facility to email over pictures and observations throughout the day so you can see that your child is happy and enjoying their day in nursery – An extremely valuable tool to help to put your mind at rest and concentrate on your job! This facility also provides you as parents with the ability to observe your child at home and send pictures and observations to nursery.

Parents also receive a Day in the Life report via iConnect, which gives you important information about your child’s day, such as nap times, meals, nappies, toileting, activities, learning, accidents, medicines and anything else we feel is relevant. These are emailed over at the end of each day.

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You will be invited into nursery throughout the year to discuss your child’s progress and share their Learning Journey with your child’s Key Person. However, we have an open door policy for our parents here at The Village Nursery and Pre-school and encourage parents to come in to discuss anything they need to at any time. It is important that you feel supported and that yours and your child’s needs are thoroughly met.

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